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Imagine a healthcare system without copays, deductibles, premiums, and exploitative private insurance companies. As an official endorser of the Campaign for NY Health and co-organizer of student-led single-payer work on campus alongside Cornell YDS, we believe that we can eliminate for-profit healthcare in NYS by the end of 2019. After hosting an 11/29 healthcare teach-in alongside 6 student groups, YDS & POC have set the stage for powerful student organizing around this crucial effort. We're currently drafting a report that will be used to pressure the university's Office of State Relations to lobby on behalf of the NY Health Act.

As students at a university with notoriously deficient health services, we're beyond indignant at the for-profit status-quo. POC supports statewide Medicare-for-All because healthcare justice saves lives. We're in this one to win it. 

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