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In September 2018, POC unanimously voted to endorse the Tompkins County Workers’ Center’s Countywide Minimum Wage-Living Wage Campaign—an effort to increase the local wage to $15.11 with yearly increases. Since Cornellians hold the distinct privilege of calling Ithaca home for a number of years, we feel that it is our duty to advance the economic interests of this county's permanent residents. It’s also pivotal that we fight for better pay for the 1000s of student-workers who keep this university running.


Once the Workers’ Center releases an implementation report that’s being crafted by community organizers, social service agency reps,  elected officials, employers, researchers, and more, POC will take concerted action to ensure that living wage legislation makes it through the county legislature. Students have a clear stake in this fight, and we look forward to working with our close partners at the Workers’ Center to make this loud and clear!

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