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POC:USAS#3 is continuing the longstanding student fight to secure a third-party investigation into working conditions at Cornell's satellite medical campus outside the Qatari capital of Doha, with an eye towards concrete reforms to ensure that migrant workers there are treated in accordance with international labor standards. In February 2019, our organizers publicly offered to kickstart a conversation between President Pollack's administration and independent labor monitors about "the Qatar question." After privately following up with the Office of the President, our team secured university leadership's commitment to exploratory discussions into the state of working conditions at Cornell in Qatar. We intend to keep on fighting the Gulf monarchy's notoriously cruel "kafala" system of forced labor by building on past USAS Local 3 victories, including a Spring 2016 effort that pressured Cornell into demanding that Qatar release the unfairly imprisoned poet Mohammed al-Ajami -- an action which contributed to al-Ajami's pardon soon thereafter

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